5 Reasons You Will be Banned From Google Adsense

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If I had a dollar for every time I read a forum post somewhere about “I got banned from Adsense, and I didn’t even do anything”, I’d be a rich man.  Oh wait, I am a rich man..but I digress.

People, if you got the dreaded “letter” from Google regarding your Adsense account being suspended because your sites are a “liability to Google publishers & advertisers” or because of fradulent clicks, guess what, you either have a crappy MFA (made for Adsense) site, or you clicked your own damn adds like an idiot.  You’ll get no sympathy here, especially if you did the later.  So here are the top 5 reasons you will probably get banned from Adsense if you have no Commonsense.

1.  Clicking Your Own Ads – This is a 100% way to get your account terminated…never to return.  Don’t think you can ask your friends to do it either.  Google software is much smarter than your tiny brain, and you will be discovered. Say bye-bye to your precious $1.43 a day you were making.  In fact, don’t even tell your friends or family about your Adsense.  They’ll be tempted to click your ad’s thinking it helps you, when in fact they’ll have you thrown out of the program for good.

2.  Altering the Adsense Code – Try to get cute by messing with your ad code, changing sizes, putting adsense on page load pop-up’s etc…You will be banned.  Leave the code alone.  There are enough sizes, shapes and colors to fit anyone’s site.

3.  Adsense in Close Proximity to Photos – This is a sure fire way to increase your CTR.  Put 4 nice 100×100 photos in a row above a full Adsense leader board advertisement, and it looks like each ad showing corresponds with the image above it…very tricky, and very against Google TOS.  Keep your ads and any photos or images a safe distance from each other.  They don’t play well together in the eyes of Google.  You’re asking for trouble if you don’t.

4.  Porn, Warez, Gambling…All The Things That Makes Life Worth Living – Think of Google as your local Church Minister.  He doesn’t like naked chicks, he frowns upon stealing and selling stolen goods, and he dispises pissing your money away at the poker table.  But he sure likes young boys..(Did I just say that??)  Promote any of these vices, and the Google Vice Squad will hunt you down, and drop your account like a bad habit.

5.  Improperly Mixing Google Adsense Ads With Other Ad Programs – Hey, there’s nothing wrong with diversifying your income streams.  Adsense, Adbrite, and YPN are great programs and you can earn very well from combining them on your sites…However, make sure each ad unit look different from one another.  If you make your Adsense looke like your Adbrite ads, chances are you will get the letter from Google asking you to change them or just straight out dropping you from the program.   Be mindful of the looks of your ads and you’ll stay in the good graces of Google.

These are all so common sense that I still can’t believe how many people are bitching daily about their account with Google being terminated…and they act like they don’t understand how it could happen to them.  Make sites with some good content and stay away from any of the problems above, and you’ll be earning with Adsense for a long time to come.

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