Has Your BANS Site Lost It’s SERPS? Start Making Money Again!

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I’ve been using the BANS software now for over a year, and let me say that it’s been completely automatic income.  For those of you who’ve been living in a cave or in Antarctica, BANS is short for Build A Niche Store.  It’s a software download that will allow you to easily setup a niche store that features Ebay items of your choosing.   The best part is that they’re not even you’re auctions, and you get paid a percentage of the sale price.  You need to be signed up with the Ebay Partner Network to take advantage of BANS.   You build a  niche site, publicize it a little, and watch the money start rolling in.  Here’s a BANS site if you’ve never seen one..


I had been working about 4 different BANS sites for several months.  My traffic was mainly organic search engine traffic from Google, and believe me, I worked my ass off to get top 5 SERP’s for those sites.  Then one day…boom…they all disappeared!   I had always heard that Google didn’t look kindly on BANS sites, as they felt they were just loose affiliate sites without any real content or value.  I even made sure that my individual store pages had original content, with good original Titles, Descriptions and all the normal SEO.  Guess that didn’t work, because I went from earning over $100 a day, do under $10 a day…overnight.  I tried more social bookmarking, link building, every trick I could think of to get my SERP’s back, but nothing seemed to get the job done.  My BANS sites seemed to be lost in the Google void forever.

About a week ago I was looking at the Ebay Partner Network Widgets & Creatives and I noticed that there might be a way to get my BANS sites back in business, but minus the “BANS’ association that Google seemed not to like.   If you go to “Tools” – “Widgets” – “Custom Banner” on your EPN dashboard, I found that it’s extremely simple to create a completely custom looking Ebay listing banner that you can insert into a webpage or blogpost.  It will look something like the image below, and you can tweak colors, categories, sizes etc.  When I saw this…the lightbulb went off and I got my ass to work.


I installed the latest edition of WordPress and found a simple 2 column theme. Something that looks like this will work well.


From there, I recreated all of my store pages that were in my original BANS site and made sure they were in the sidebar of my new template for easy navigation.  I basically tried to recreate the look and feel of the BANS site that dropped off the face of the earth. You may have to tweak your theme a bit to get it to look and perform the way you want, but then again, you could probably just keep it stock.

I then headed over to the EPN custom banner creator and made a ebay listing banner specific to each store page item.  Make sure you find the correct Ebay category number and use the search keywords you need for the page it will show on.  Be sure to blend your colors so they match your template scheme.  Remember, the more people think that the auctions are part of your site, the better your returns will be.  Creating all of the custom listing banners can take a while if you have lots of store pages.  Simply copy the code that is created and paste it into the code of your individual store pages.  The ebay listings will appear, just like they did with the BANS site.

Once you get all of the pages built and the EPN banner code installed, make sure your individual page titles & descriptions are done properly.  It’s also a good idea to include some content on your product pages, which you were hopefully doing on your original BANS site.  I deleted all evidence of BANS from my directory once the new site was completed, just so the big “G” didn’t

If you are experienced with WordPress, you can do all of this in about a day, but feel free to use any site building software you like.  The EPN code should work fine on most formats.

So what are the results?  Within A DAY after I recreated one of my sites, I was back to #1 on Google for the keywords I had previously ranked.  Overnight the site came back to the first page and started making money again.  I still have half a dozen BANS sites that need to be overhauled, but so far I think the “BANS’ penalty is gone and it should be business as usual.

I can’t complain about the Build A Niche Store software.  It’s a very good program, but if you plan on generating traffic through organic searches, it’s probably not the best way to go.  Once Google sees what you’ve got going, the odds of keeping any keyword rankings will be slim

Follow these steps to create yourself a custom, Ebay store and start making money again.  I wish you the best of luck.


  1. Jazzylee77 says:

    The ebay content is missing right now. Maybe you are working on it again?

  2. Christian says:

    Yeah actually I”m converting that site over. I posted a link to another older BANS site I have on the old format.

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