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Adsense Newbies Listen Up – A Few Tips You Can Use

| July 13th, 2009 | 1 Comment »

My tips of the day for Adsense newbies.

#1 Don’t try to start a blog or site on high paying keywords just because they’re high paying keywords. You will waste your time building a Mesothelioma, Acai Berry Diet or DUI Lawyer site and you will not earn much from it before you lose interest because you know nothing about Mesothelioma.

Find a topic that you know something about, or you’re an expert at, and base your site around that. This will keep your interest a lot longer and you’ll probably come up with some original content and ideas. This is what you need to establish before you can start earning. (And my personal experience has taught me to stay away from blogs as they don’t generally do well with Adsense.)

#2 Know your keywords. Make sure your pages have the targeted keywords in the Title Tag, meta description, H1,H2,H3 tags. Don’t stuff your content with your keywords, but make sure they’re in there.

#3 Find a way to get your site 10 backlinks per day…using your keywords as anchors. Submit to free directories, social bookmarking, blog commenting. There are endless sources for free links…find them. If you’ve picked a niche that doesn’t have insane competition, you’ll start to notice some good search engine rankings for your keywords within 8-12 weeks. I realize this may sound more like SEO than Adsense help, but if you want to drive targeted traffic to your site, and increase your clicks & earnings, the above methods are absolutely mandatory.

Just a side note…a lot of people don’t believe in directory submission anymore, but I still build directory links for every site I create. I don’t expect to get much PR value, but every backlink with your anchor text (even nofollow) have some benefit.

Dominate the SERPS with a Review Site.

| June 4th, 2009 | 3 Comments »

Review sites are a GREAT way to boost your affiliate marketing efforts.  They provide good quality content that the search engines just eat up, as well as giving your prospective purchasers valuable information to assist them with making difficult buying decisions.   The WordPress Review Sites Plugin is an invaluable way to create, fast, high-quality review sites using the WordPress platform, while allowing you the flexibility to enter links to your current affiliate products.  If you’re looking to promote an affiliate product via organic search engine traffic, a review site is the absolute best way to get top SERPS without worrying about content creation…because your visitors do that for you.  Sounds cool right…that’s because it is! & are two examples of sites which use the WP Review Site Plug-in and you can see how they give the user an interactive review experience with the ability to post their own reviews of your products, while creating fresh, new content for your site at the same time.  Other cool features such as Star Ratings, Widgets and affiliate code management, along with a FREE premium WordPress theme makes the WordPress Review Site Plugin Plug-in an extremely powerful tool and worth a look.

Have a look at the WP Review Site Plug-In HERE.

Unique Blog Designs Affiliate Themes Review

| June 3rd, 2009 | No Comments »


Chances are you’ve seen some of Unique Blog Designs templates floating around the web.  They’ve been making some of the more popular blog and e-commerce templates for a while now, but they’ve recently ventured into the world of affiliate themes and let me tell you…THESE THINGS ARE COOL.  I’ve been using them for a little over a month, and I’m extremely impressed.

UBD’s Affiliate Themes let you set up affiliate sites quickly and efficiently using WordPress.   Once you download the plugin and upload it to your existing WordPress site, you can instantly create content that include your affiliate links and produce high quality, and high converting landing pages for your affiliate site.  It’s absolutely perfect for dating, ringtone, & weightloss offers where you need to create multiple landing page variations for testing.  Here are just a couple of the pages you can create almost instantly.



The themes can be fully customized with colors and layouts as well as graphics and header images.  The 6 layouts are  SEO and PPC optimized to keep you in the good graces of the search engines, and keep the targeted traffic flowing to your pages.

What I probably love the most is that you don’t even have to dig into the code.  I get so sick of having to tweak css code to make things look the way I want, and with these themes, it’s completely handled at the control panel, 100%.   The themes are very clean, and streamlined, which I personally like.  I don’t know anyone who’s ever done well with cluttered, bulky landing pages.

You will absolutely benefit from the affiliate themes plug in and not only will it help jumpstart some of those PPC campaigns you just couldn’t get to convert, but it’s absolutely perfect if you’re also trying to get organic search engine traffic, because it’s coded to be completely SEO friendly so the big “G” won’t slam you because you look like an “Affiliate Site”.

If you need to create fast affiliate sites and pages that will start converting immediately, then the Unique Blog Designs affiliate templates are exactly what you need.  You can’t beat the price at $97 bucks…and you’ll probably make that back in less than a day with the time you save and the profits your new pages generate.

Give the themes a try today at Unique Blog Designs Affiliate Themes.

And You Wonder Why You’re Not Making More Money.

| May 26th, 2009 | No Comments »


Here’s the deal.  I’ve been using the Shoemoney Tools for a good 6 months now and all I can say is that if you are serious about your SEO and PPC work, and you’re using some of the half ass free tools out there on the web, then you’re probably losing hundreds of dollars a month.

How much more productive could you be, and how much more cash would you earn each month if you had access to the absolute best set of tools for online marketing? These are just some of the invaluable tools I use on a daily basis:

  • In Depth Backlink Analyzer – See where you’re backlinks are coming from, including the anchor text used to link.
  • Backlink Finder – Find niche related sites where you can potentially gain valuable backlinks.
  • Related Blog Posts – Discover blog posts related to your niche.  Pick up links via trackback and commenting.
  • Top Notch PPC Campaign Builder – Create keyword lists, ads, and campaigns and import them directly into your Adwords, Yahoo & MSN campaigns.
  • Keyword Grabber – Find all of the keywords being bid on by any domain.  This inside knowledge will give you the competitive edge on your PPC campaigns.
  • Adsense Crawler – Find sites on the Google content network where you can get top ad spots cheap.

…and these are just for starters.

So this is the part where I hook you up.  I have 20 Promo Codes to dish out.  This will get you access to the best internet marketing tools on the planet, Shoemoney Tools, at a ridiculous savings.

You get to try out all the tools I mentioned above…plus more for 9 days and it will only cost you $3.95, plus you’ll save another $20/month because you’ll only pay $79.95 a month (instead of the normal $99.95).  Hell, I’m still paying the $99.95 a month, so you’re getting a better deal than I did.

I know you’re thinking that’s a lot of coin..but wait until you try the tools out for a few days.  You’ll wonder how you ever lived without them and watch your productivity & your income increase immediately.  If you don’t like the tools for whatever reason, you can cancel your subscription at any time, but trust me, you’ll like them.

Just enter your name and email in the form below to get access to the Promo Code.  If you’re tired of earning pennies a day with Adsense and your other affiliate programs, put your name in the box and sign up for Shoemoney Tools today.

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Has Your BANS Site Lost It’s SERPS? Start Making Money Again!

| January 13th, 2009 | 2 Comments »

I’ve been using the BANS software now for over a year, and let me say that it’s been completely automatic income.  For those of you who’ve been living in a cave or in Antarctica, BANS is short for Build A Niche Store.  It’s a software download that will allow you to easily setup a niche store that features Ebay items of your choosing.   The best part is that they’re not even you’re auctions, and you get paid a percentage of the sale price.  You need to be signed up with the Ebay Partner Network to take advantage of BANS.   You build a  niche site, publicize it a little, and watch the money start rolling in.  Here’s a BANS site if you’ve never seen one..

I had been working about 4 different BANS sites for several months.  My traffic was mainly organic search engine traffic from Google, and believe me, I worked my ass off to get top 5 SERP’s for those sites.  Then one day…boom…they all disappeared!   I had always heard that Google didn’t look kindly on BANS sites, as they felt they were just loose affiliate sites without any real content or value.  I even made sure that my individual store pages had original content, with good original Titles, Descriptions and all the normal SEO.  Guess that didn’t work, because I went from earning over $100 a day, do under $10 a day…overnight.  I tried more social bookmarking, link building, every trick I could think of to get my SERP’s back, but nothing seemed to get the job done.  My BANS sites seemed to be lost in the Google void forever.

About a week ago I was looking at the Ebay Partner Network Widgets & Creatives and I noticed that there might be a way to get my BANS sites back in business, but minus the “BANS’ association that Google seemed not to like.   If you go to “Tools” – “Widgets” – “Custom Banner” on your EPN dashboard, I found that it’s extremely simple to create a completely custom looking Ebay listing banner that you can insert into a webpage or blogpost.  It will look something like the image below, and you can tweak colors, categories, sizes etc.  When I saw this…the lightbulb went off and I got my ass to work.


I installed the latest edition of WordPress and found a simple 2 column theme. Something that looks like this will work well.


From there, I recreated all of my store pages that were in my original BANS site and made sure they were in the sidebar of my new template for easy navigation.  I basically tried to recreate the look and feel of the BANS site that dropped off the face of the earth. You may have to tweak your theme a bit to get it to look and perform the way you want, but then again, you could probably just keep it stock.

I then headed over to the EPN custom banner creator and made a ebay listing banner specific to each store page item.  Make sure you find the correct Ebay category number and use the search keywords you need for the page it will show on.  Be sure to blend your colors so they match your template scheme.  Remember, the more people think that the auctions are part of your site, the better your returns will be.  Creating all of the custom listing banners can take a while if you have lots of store pages.  Simply copy the code that is created and paste it into the code of your individual store pages.  The ebay listings will appear, just like they did with the BANS site.

Once you get all of the pages built and the EPN banner code installed, make sure your individual page titles & descriptions are done properly.  It’s also a good idea to include some content on your product pages, which you were hopefully doing on your original BANS site.  I deleted all evidence of BANS from my directory once the new site was completed, just so the big “G” didn’t

If you are experienced with WordPress, you can do all of this in about a day, but feel free to use any site building software you like.  The EPN code should work fine on most formats.

So what are the results?  Within A DAY after I recreated one of my sites, I was back to #1 on Google for the keywords I had previously ranked.  Overnight the site came back to the first page and started making money again.  I still have half a dozen BANS sites that need to be overhauled, but so far I think the “BANS’ penalty is gone and it should be business as usual.

I can’t complain about the Build A Niche Store software.  It’s a very good program, but if you plan on generating traffic through organic searches, it’s probably not the best way to go.  Once Google sees what you’ve got going, the odds of keeping any keyword rankings will be slim

Follow these steps to create yourself a custom, Ebay store and start making money again.  I wish you the best of luck.

Top 10 Reasons I Hate Top 10 Lists

| January 3rd, 2009 | 2 Comments »

Top Ten Lists are horrible ways to communicate and here’s how I really feel about them.

10.  They’re a cheap attempt at attracting quick attention.  Most people like to number, align and categorize everything, so a Top Whatever list always fits the eye nicely…but they’re usually worthless drivel.  Kind of like this top 10 list.

9.  The avearge human brain can’t stay focused on a piece of information for more than several seconds.  Ten items in a list are more than most people can handle.  They’ve already forgotten what you said in item number 10 by the time they’re on #8.

8.  Top 10 lists are old and tired.  They’ve been done to death and should die a slow, painful one!

7.  Just because you think that “Dumb & Dumber” is the number one movie of all time doesn’t mean I should.  Your opinionated top 10 list doesn’t do crap for me, and I’d generally rather not read it unless it has something of value to offer.

6.  I just can’t go any farther with this top 10 list.  I’m already sick to my stomach with just 6 items.  This will be the last “Top” list you will see on Mass Kask…That much I promise.