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Dominate the SERPS with a Review Site.

| June 4th, 2009 | 3 Comments »

Review sites are a GREAT way to boost your affiliate marketing efforts.  They provide good quality content that the search engines just eat up, as well as giving your prospective purchasers valuable information to assist them with making difficult buying decisions.   The WordPress Review Sites Plugin is an invaluable way to create, fast, high-quality review sites using the WordPress platform, while allowing you the flexibility to enter links to your current affiliate products.  If you’re looking to promote an affiliate product via organic search engine traffic, a review site is the absolute best way to get top SERPS without worrying about content creation…because your visitors do that for you.  Sounds cool right…that’s because it is! & are two examples of sites which use the WP Review Site Plug-in and you can see how they give the user an interactive review experience with the ability to post their own reviews of your products, while creating fresh, new content for your site at the same time.  Other cool features such as Star Ratings, Widgets and affiliate code management, along with a FREE premium WordPress theme makes the WordPress Review Site Plugin Plug-in an extremely powerful tool and worth a look.

Have a look at the WP Review Site Plug-In HERE.